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What is the cost associated with becoming a certified evaluator with BCSI?

Becoming a certified evaluator with BCSI involves a total cost of $400. This comprises an initial $100 fee, which covers the evaluator’s assessment through five separate tests, each priced at $20. Additionally, there is a $300 fee for certified evaluator training. This comprehensive investment ensures that our evaluators are equipped with the necessary expertise to uphold BCSI’s high standards of evaluation.

How can I offset the cost of the Certified Evaluator training?

Becoming a certified evaluator can be a financially rewarding endeavor. Certified evaluators earn $10 for each practical test they administer. This means that, as you deliver tests, you have the opportunity to rapidly recoup the $300 cost of the certified evaluator training and even surpass it. Not only does this program empower you to contribute to skills validation, but it also offers a potential avenue to earn a stipend each semester while serving your training ecosystem.

What are the additional advantages of becoming a certified evaluator for educators or industry professionals?

Beyond the certification process, being a certified evaluator, particularly for educators and industry professionals, offers the distinct advantage of gaining “first touch” on emerging talent within the BCSI pipeline. This means that as an evaluator, you have early access to students and trainees who have demonstrated their practical skills. It provides a unique opportunity to identify and connect with promising individuals, potentially fostering mutually beneficial educational or employment relationships.

What is the core focus of BCSI's certification programs?

BCSI’s certification programs are centered around practical lab skills and digital microcredentials, ensuring students and trainees gain hands-on expertise in the fields of biology, genetics, microbiology, and biotechnology.

How can educators get involved with BCSI?

Educators can participate by certifying their students’ skills or becoming certified evaluators themselves. These pathways empower educators to enhance the learning experience and contribute to skills validation.

What benefits do industry professionals gain from BCSI certification?

Industry professionals can become certified evaluators and access the BCSI Talent Hub, connecting with certified learners for potential hiring. BCSI certification validates the skills needed for excellence in various industries.

How can trainees benefit from BCSI's programs?

Trainees have the opportunity to certify their skills through BCSI, gaining recognition for their expertise. Additionally, they can register with the BCSI Talent Hub, increasing their visibility to potential employers.

How can my students prepare to take the skills validation tests?

BCSI remains neutral about training to prepare for our tests. We acknowledge that there are many ways that individuals can acquire high quality lab skills in a variety of ways, including lab training programs, on the job, or using online educational resources. The BioTechBuilder curriculum is one we can recommend highly to prepare students to pass many of our micro-credentials skills tests.

Where can I get curriculum to prepare students for the skills validation tests?

The BioTechBuilder curriculum is one we recommend to prepare students to pass many of our micro-credentials skills tests.