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Welcome to the Bioscience Core Skills Institute (BCSI), where we redefine excellence in bioscience education. BCSI empowers education leaders like you to elevate your institution’s educational offerings and equip your students with the certification for the lab skills they’ve acquired to thrive in the ever-evolving world of bioscience, biotech, and biomanufacturing.


Elevate Education Quality

  • BCSI’s rigorous skill testing and certification ensure that your students are workforce-ready, aligning your programs with industry demands.

Competitive Edge

  • Offer BCSI-certified lab skills to differentiate your institution, attracting students seeking industry-recognized credentials and gaining an edge in education.

Verified Skills

  • BCSI’s digital microcredentials transparently verify students’ lab skills, boosting their employability and assuring employers of their expertise..

Industry Alignment

  • Collaborate with BCSI to tailor your curriculum to bioscience, biotech, and biomanufacturing industry needs, keeping your programs in sync with industry trends.

Networking Benefits

  • Connect with industry leaders and organizations through BCSI’s network, fostering partnerships for student internships, research collaborations, and more.
  • Are you looking for high quality biotechnology curriculum to prepare students to pass skills validation testing with BCSI?  The BioTechBuilder curriculum is one we recommend to prepare students to pass many of our micro-credentials skills tests.

Elevate your institution's bioscience education to new heights with BCSI.

Partner with us to enhance educational quality, attract students, and align your programs with industry needs. Join our community of forward-thinking educational leaders dedicated to equipping students with the skills they need for success. Contact us today to explore how BCSI can benefit your institution and students alike. Together, we’ll shape the future of bioscience education.